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Message regarding Dr. Mirander’s departure:

We were recently informed that Dr. Mirander will be closing his practice at Dorval Medical FHT to join a teaching practice effective March 12, 2018. We recognize this is a difficult situation and want to ensure you that your care is our top priority. We are currently working on a plan to provide for your ongoing care. In the interim please feel free to contact our office as usual to book an appointment with one of our other providers. Thank you for your patience while we work through this issue.

Our Doctors

  • Dr. Danielle Bremermann
  • Dr. Margaret Found
  • Dr. Alexandra Ginty
  • Dr. Nancy Ku
  • Dr. Aleida ter Kuile
  • Dr. Lennox Mirander
  • Dr. George Southey

Our Nurse Practitioners

  • Mary Coroza, RN (EC)
  • Reddy Harwart, RN (EC)

Our Nurses

  • Lee-Ann Okolisan, RN
  • Abir Toop, RN
  • Jennifer McCauley, RPN

Dorval Medical - 465 Morden Road, Suite 104 - Oakville, ON - 905-842-7154