Management Services

Full comprehensive accessible primary care

In addition to providing medical services, primary care practices also provide management services to their patients. These management services might be described as falling into one of the following categories: Maintaining a comprehensive record, communicating the record, case management and patient advocacy, and information resource.

Maintaining Your Comprehensive Record

Maintaining your comprehensive record describes keeping a record which accurately describes the patient’s story and current status. It includes information from a variety of service providers and sites (consultants, hospitals and tests).

Record Communication

Record communication refers to the provision of a patient’s record to another provider to assist in the care of patients. (ie. to a consultant and/or ER).

Case Management & Patient Advocacy

Case Management and Patient Advocacy refers to the role of coordinating the care of a patient when several providers are involved.

Information Resource

Information resource refers to acting as a source of information for any purpose.

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