Medical Services

Full comprehensive accessible primary care

The services of a family practice can be described in a variety of ways. One way of describing all services is to gather them into types of care including: Acute episodic care, chronic disease management, normal development prevention and screening, and palliative care.

Acute Care

Acute care refers to most of the services provided at a primary location in our current system. It includes any new injury or illness, any urgent change in a chronic condition, any failure in palliative care and any other service requiring urgent attention.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease mamangement is the ongoing management of a chronic condition which would require ongoing monitoring, planning and therapy.

Normal Development, Prevention & Screening

Normal development, prevention and screening refers to the care of healthy people, the preservation of good health and the detection of conditions which may not be apparent yet.

Palliative Care

Palliative care refers to the management of symptoms and their control in patients where the disease causing the symptoms cannot be cured.

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